Stock Information

How we monitor stocks

Our stocks are linked to our warehouse system and updated every few minutes. We include stock that is scheduled for imminent delivery. Where we have a delay, you will be unable to purchase that item and instead see a message informing you of the delay. There is a “Click Here” link that will let us notify you as as your trouser braces are back in stock. If your requirement is very urgent you are welcome to call our office and place your order by phone so that we can immediately confirm stock.

Extended delays

Where particular trouser braces are going to be out of stock for longer than four weeks we consider it an “Extended Delay” and the update message will reflect this.

European holidays

Some brands (such as Tobby) are sourced from Europe and as such are subject to annual shutdowns. Typically, this means that the manufacturer’s products are unavailable for a period of three to four weeks. Obviously we try to anticipate this by carrying extra stocks. However an unexpected run or a large bulk order can upset our predictions.

What can I do if my order is delayed?

First, please note that we do not take any payment until goods are shipped (with the obvious exception of Paypal). Your options are:

  • Wait for stock to arrive – If time is not an issue.
  • Select another suitable pair of trouser braces and let us know.
  • Cancel your order.

We hope that a cancelled order would be a last resort as we try very hard keep the customer happy. Generally if another suitable pair is chosen and they are a little dearer then the original price is held. Where a customer has paid for an urgent delivery the extra shipping charge is not applied.