Braces are becoming a staple piece of many people’s wardrobes and matching them with your outfit helps to bring out the most in your attire, accentuating, complimenting and adding to whatever colour, pattern or style you’re looking to achieve. There are multiple ways to match your braces to your outfit, and we’ve rounded up some of our favourite coordination tactics to help you create the perfect ensemble.

Use subtlety to build your colour palette and match your braces to your accessories. Do this by either taking your braces or an accessory you like and building up other matching aspects of your outfit from there. Good places to start include matching braces with pocket squares or handkerchiefs, as this distributes the ‘pops’ of colour your scheme will provide.Other accessories we would suggest matching your braces with include your tie, bow tie or cravat, a buttionaire or even your shirt, depending on if your colour is more understated and not as bright (muted colours such as grey, beige, tan and lighter shades of blue and pink work well for this). If using a shirt to add an accent colour and if matching it to your braces, we would recommend wearing a waistcoat with your suit to break up the colour even more. 
If you’re opting for patterned braces, there are ways to match these to your outfit too. One option is to use correlation patterns, including similar or the same pattern, style of pattern and colour scheme.An easier option to match patterned braces to your outfit is to pick out some key colours (around two or three) from the pattern, and construct your outfit keeping these in mind, choosing one color for your suit, another for accessories such as a handkerchief or tie. If you decide to incorporate a third key colour into your outfit, you can integrate this into your outfit via suit embellishments or other, smaller accessories, such as cufflinks or socks. 
Monochromatic outfits are timeless, with classic schemes being black or white. You can choose whatever colour you please for a monochromatic outfit, with darker shades such as grey and blood red, as well as navy and black being suited to nighttime events, and lighter colours work better for daytime events, especially now that the warmer seasons are starting to arrive and current fashion is shifting accordingly.  
Colour Wheel
Create slick, colourful and coordinated outfits using the colour wheel to match colours that work well together. For this, you can start with the suit or the braces and decide where to incorporate each opposite colour from there. For a cleaner look, use a suit of one block colour and dress with braces, neck or bow tie, handkerchief and any other accessories you see fit, in the corresponding colour. 

We hope you have found these tips useful and you are now ready to put together the perfect outfit. If you’re still looking for the right pair of braces to suit you, take a look at our wide range –