How to look good this Christmas

celebration party glasses of champagne

The festive season is upon us. You’re a social butterfly and your calendar is filling up. From Christmas parties, office shin-digs and family gatherings, you need to look your best. Don’t worry, we have got you covered with our festive style guide this year.

We’re going to be throwing some events at you in various levels of formality so you can be ready for any invitation.

Black Tie/Formal

Usually, Christmas parties are quite easy for men. If it’s black tie, it’s pretty straightforward. The tux is a classic, timeless look. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, try a midnight blue tuxedo. This will definitely turn a few heads. 

Semi-formal/Smart casual

These two almost go hand in hand and a lot of people tend to get them a little confused. When we say semi-formal, we’re talking a relaxed casual suit, something stylish but one that doesn’t always warrant a tie. Style and sophistication is definitely required here. Think about colours, if it’s an evening event then you’re going to need a darker palette. If we’re talking a day time soiree then a lighter suit is always an option. Make sure your suit is tailored and you’re rocking those dress shoes.

For smart casual, we’re hitting a nice casual blazer, trousers and maybe just an under tee. Nothing major, very relaxed and casual. Possibly spruce it up a little with a pair of braces, but again it’s a very relaxed comfortable look.


If you’re having a casual Christmas party, the gloves are off and you can wear whatever you want. We’re not telling you to rock up in your jog pants and your cosy hoodie but you could try a classic t-shirt and jeans with a nice jacket.

The Christmas party also lets you push the boat out. If you’re feeling brave, dig out your ugly Christmas jumper. Throw on a pair of our Christmas braces and rock that festive look.

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