With a new year comes a whole host of new fashion trends. In our last blog post, we looked at 5 of the latest trends taking the fashion world by storm. Today, we’re taking a look at some classic items that are making a comeback.

These boots were made for walking

We’re kicking off the list with a classic that’s come around once again. Chelsea boots are walking back into our lives and we are here for it. They’re simple and an absolute gem, they just ooze cool. An absolute must-have, they should be a staple of every man’s wardrobe. They go perfectly with a pair of jeans or with a more formal ensemble, they are a very versatile shoe.

Be kind, rewind

The return of the puffer jacket. Not only do they look great, but they’re also super practical. It certainly ticks the comfort and warmth boxes, there’s no better feeling than walking around in what is essentially a sleeping bag jacket. They’re very versatile and the height of streetwear right now. Just make sure when you do eventually pick one up, you get the right fit to ensure maximum snugness and that it’s thick enough to keep you toasty.

It’s high noon

Gone are the days of the skinny jean, we’re going back to basics. Not only are wide-leg trousers in, but you better make sure those trousers have got a high waist on them. They should be sitting on or above your waist if possible. This trend is sprouting from icons like Harry Styles donning his big trousers. There have been some sightings of the wide trousers with equally long trouser legs however some people are repping a shorter cuff on their trousers and exposing a little bit of ankle or shin. Try pairing this look with a pair of Chelsea boots. And if you need help holding up those trousers, why not pair them with a pair of our braces for an extra sharp accessory to really tie your outfit together? Take a look at our full range of trouser braces today.