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4 Reasons Why Braces Are Better Than Belts

4 Reasons Why Braces Are Better Than Belts

Most people grow up learning how to wear belts. They’re super common as a way to hold your pants up; most people are taught how to wear them as a child.

What if I told you there’s a better way? A better way to hold your pants up and a better stylish accessory than belts? This blog will go through why I think braces are far superior to belts.

Let’s dive right in with the biggest reason braces are better than belts. Your gut. Bulky belt buckles are a nightmare for so many people. Trying to sit down comfortably can be quite a task when a chunk of metal decides to jab into your abdomen. It’s uncomfortable and can cause pain. Belt buckles can cause red painful marks on your lower stomach region.

Similar to the above, belts hold your trousers up by literally constricting around you. A belt that’s too tight squeezes your digestive system, causing issues with digestion. If you can imagine, over time that could become severe.

I’m going to admit, any belts that I’ve owned have always had extra holes poked through. Not great for the belt, but sometimes it has to be done. Belts simply aren’t as adjustable and a good fit as braces. Braces are easy to find the right size in and are still very easily adjustable if need be. This means no poking holes, or stretching out of the belt.


I think that braces are a better accessory than belts. A belt is usually just a black or brown strap around your waist with some form of metal buckle. Braces are so much more versatile than this, you can get braces in all sorts of patterns and colours to suit any outfit. Braces can be worn casually or formally and can be a brilliant way to break up an outfit. Wearing solid block colours such as a plain white shirt and a colourful brace can be an excellent mix.


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Classic fashion making a comeback in 2020

With a new year comes a whole host of new fashion trends. In our last blog post, we looked at 5 of the latest trends taking the fashion world by storm. Today, we’re taking a look at some classic items that are making a comeback.

These boots were made for walking

We’re kicking off the list with a classic that’s come around once again. Chelsea boots are walking back into our lives and we are here for it. They’re simple and an absolute gem, they just ooze cool. An absolute must-have, they should be a staple of every man’s wardrobe. They go perfectly with a pair of jeans or with a more formal ensemble, they are a very versatile shoe.

Be kind, rewind

The return of the puffer jacket. Not only do they look great, but they’re also super practical. It certainly ticks the comfort and warmth boxes, there’s no better feeling than walking around in what is essentially a sleeping bag jacket. They’re very versatile and the height of streetwear right now. Just make sure when you do eventually pick one up, you get the right fit to ensure maximum snugness and that it’s thick enough to keep you toasty.

It’s high noon

Gone are the days of the skinny jean, we’re going back to basics. Not only are wide-leg trousers in, but you better make sure those trousers have got a high waist on them. They should be sitting on or above your waist if possible. This trend is sprouting from icons like Harry Styles donning his big trousers. There have been some sightings of the wide trousers with equally long trouser legs however some people are repping a shorter cuff on their trousers and exposing a little bit of ankle or shin. Try pairing this look with a pair of Chelsea boots. And if you need help holding up those trousers, why not pair them with a pair of our braces for an extra sharp accessory to really tie your outfit together? Take a look at our full range of trouser braces today.

How To Look Good This Christmas

How to look good this Christmas

celebration party glasses of champagne

The festive season is upon us. You’re a social butterfly and your calendar is filling up. From Christmas parties, office shin-digs and family gatherings, you need to look your best. Don’t worry, we have got you covered with our festive style guide this year.

We’re going to be throwing some events at you in various levels of formality so you can be ready for any invitation.

Black Tie/Formal

Usually, Christmas parties are quite easy for men. If it’s black tie, it’s pretty straightforward. The tux is a classic, timeless look. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, try a midnight blue tuxedo. This will definitely turn a few heads. 

Semi-formal/Smart casual

These two almost go hand in hand and a lot of people tend to get them a little confused. When we say semi-formal, we’re talking a relaxed casual suit, something stylish but one that doesn’t always warrant a tie. Style and sophistication is definitely required here. Think about colours, if it’s an evening event then you’re going to need a darker palette. If we’re talking a day time soiree then a lighter suit is always an option. Make sure your suit is tailored and you’re rocking those dress shoes.

For smart casual, we’re hitting a nice casual blazer, trousers and maybe just an under tee. Nothing major, very relaxed and casual. Possibly spruce it up a little with a pair of braces, but again it’s a very relaxed comfortable look.


If you’re having a casual Christmas party, the gloves are off and you can wear whatever you want. We’re not telling you to rock up in your jog pants and your cosy hoodie but you could try a classic t-shirt and jeans with a nice jacket.

The Christmas party also lets you push the boat out. If you’re feeling brave, dig out your ugly Christmas jumper. Throw on a pair of our Christmas braces and rock that festive look.

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Belts or Trouser Braces

Man wearing navy braces over a white shirt and green bow-tie, attached to navy formal trousers

Sometimes it’s hard to know which accessory is best to really tie your outfit together. Braces have made a real comeback into men’s fashion in recent years. But it’s becoming harder and harder to decide when to wear which and what attire will best suit the occasion.

We’ve compiled a guide to help you make those all-important decisions.

Which trousers fit best?

The type of trousers you’re wearing is very important when it comes to what you’re deciding. Usually, with a belt, your trousers need to be a little tighter. If this isn’t your cup of tea then consider allowing a brace to hold your trousers, allowing you to have a little bit more space and comfort around the waist.

Suiting your body type

Both can be worn regardless of your body type. But, a larger waist can mean that braces provide more comfort and support. Braces allow your trouser to hang a little higher on the thinner parts of your waist.

Something that’s equally as important is the style of belts or braces. A larger individual might want to think about wearing a thicker set of braces. It’s similar to ties in the sense that a small thin tie really accentuates any muscle or bulk across the chest.

How do you want to look?

If you’re going to be wearing a 3 piece suit or a big double-breasted jacket with a pair of braces, it’ll be hard to notice them unless you’re aiming for subtlety. A belt would fit better in this situation. If it’s a more laid back look of trousers and a shirt then a good pair of braces will highlight the look, as seen in the image below.

Man with a flat cap and brown trouser braces, sitting down with a drink in hand and a book open across his lap

The event

We’ve briefly touched on this but the event is one of the biggest factors. There’s no one size fits all here, it depends on how you feel and the tone of the event. If you choose to wear a belt then you can pair it with your shoes for a very simple and elegant look. Ensure that your braces or belt are quite muted and understated and both will really add a touch of class to any outfit.

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Braces Attachments |

Which type of braces attachment is best?

Trouser braces are always a bold fashion statement. Some find they are more comfortable, convenient and flattering than a belt. Others wear them to express their personal style. If you’re new to braces, you may not be aware of the different options when it comes to attachments. Both clip-on and button-hole attachments come with their own set of advantages. Here’s a guide to help you decide on the right type of suspenders for you.


Clip-on braces were invented back in 1894. They’re a classic accessory, with over a century of history in men’s fashion. They are widely available and affordable which makes them a popular choice among not only men, but women too.

There’s one school of thought that considers clip-on accessories tacky, but clip-on braces are completely different from clip-on bow ties and neckties. Clip-on braces are an old-school choice and that’s part of the attraction. Whether you are concerned with practicality, or taking your first foray into braces, clip-ons could be the perfect choice for you.

However, if you’re a lover of the smart suspenders look, and often pair them with bespoke suits and fitted garments, have you ever considered investing in a top-quality pair of button-hole braces?


For those concerned with fashion, button-hole braces offer a chance to make a unique and bold statement and express individuality. Although button-hole braces are not as widely available as clip-ons, there are far more high-end options. For the man or woman who pays close attention to their style, an investment in button-hole braces will highlight timeless tailoring and great taste.

Both clip-on and button-hole braces make great accessories for all kinds of occasions, but choose wisely to find the style most suitable for your needs. Clip-ons are great for functionality, comfort and experimenting with a new style. But choose a quality pair of button-hole braces for a beautiful, long-lasting accessory that will stand the test of time.

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Airport Checklist

Airport checklist: the essentials you need to have a hassle-free holiday 

Although packing and organising for your trip abroad can be stressful, with the right preparation your holiday can begin at home. 

Summer is finally here and the holiday season is officially in full swing. Although we can’t make the mad rush to the airport any easier or help with booking the hotel, hopefully these top tips for travelling abroad will help you and your family get airport ready. 

Make the most of your luggage allowance 

It may seem like a common-sense statement but it’s surprising how many of us don’t get the most out of our baggage allowance when travelling or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, overstep the mark and end up having to pay fees at the airport. 

Before packing your hand luggage and checked luggage, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the allowances and limitations applied by the airline you’ll be flying with. Whilst most airlines allow for one piece of hand luggage and one checked bag per traveller, the restrictions on luggage size and weight vary from airline to airline. Checking the luggage guidelines for the airline you’ll be flying with before packing will allow you to make the most of the space in your bags, maybe even allowing you to save some room for treats bought abroad, whilst also avoiding having to pay any fees at the airport for oversized or overweight luggage. 

Have a comfortable flight 

Whilst Instagram and other social media platforms might dictate that the “Airport Outfit” is an ensemble that should be carefully thought-out and put together to make you ready for any photo opportunity, we believe comfort and practicality should be just as much of a priority as stylishness.

Assuming your flight is only a short-haul journey of a couple of hours, with the time factored in for travelling to the airport, checking in bags, going through security checkpoints, shopping and eating, along with the walk to the gate, the flight itself and the arrival procedure at the other end, you’re going to be in the clothes you’re wearing for an extended period of time, so it’s a good idea to plan your outfit accordingly. 

Being comfortable in both home temperatures and abroad temperatures is important. We suggest packing removable layers (jackets, jumpers or cardigans), wearing light, breathable fabrics and comfortable shoes (slip-ons will save you having to fumble with buckles or laces at the security checkpoint). 

Step through, please 

The longest queue you are likely to encounter in the airport is the one at the security checkpoint. Ensure you and your family move through quickly by following these top tips: 

Limit the liquids you are carrying. Most airports apply restrictions to the volume of liquids allowed in hand luggage as no more than 100ml per container.

Consider your electricals when packing. It’s always a hassle having to rummage around in your carry-on bag to find your laptop, tablet or hair straighteners in preparation to put them through the airport scanner. Packing them in your checked luggage, or in an accessible place in your hand luggage, will ensure that you can avoid any unnecessary delays. 

Read up on restricted items before you travel. Certain items will be confiscated if found in your hand luggage. Make sure you know what they are to save time and avoid hassle. 

Avoid the beep! Often, the airport security scanners are triggered by clothing and accessories containing metal. You can save time at security by replacing your belt or standard braces with our airport braces. 

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Iconic TV & Film Braces

Iconic TV & Film Braces

Braces have appeared in many films and TV series over the years, from James Bond to American Psycho and The Greatest Showman. In film and TV, as with in real life, braces as an accessory can be used to convey a character or person’s personality and tastes.

Mission Impossible: Fallout

In this 2018 film directed by Christopher McQuarie, the sixth instalment in the Mission Impossible franchise, character Benji Dunn wears a unique set of burgundy braces. The character, portrayed by comedian, actor and screenwriter Simon Pegg, is one of protagonist Ethan Hunt’s main teammates and a former IMF technician.


Doctor Who

First airing in 1963, Doctor Who has featured many different portrayals of the character, each with their own unique costumes and many featuring braces at one time or another. A firm fan favourite for the younger generations of Doctor Who fans – also known as ‘Whovians’ – is Matt Smith, who alternated between wearing claret and dark blue braces as the Doctor.

Currently, Jodie Whittaker’s version of the character pairs a yellow set of runner end trouser braces with blue trousers and a striped t-shirt. Whittaker’s thirteenth Doctor is one of the most visually colourful versions of the character in recent memory, mostly thanks to these light yellow Y-Style braces. 




Robert Schwentke’s 2013 SciFi/Fantasy film follows murdered police officer Ryan Reynolds through his afterlife journey to catch his killer as a detective within the ‘Rest In Peace Department’ (R.I.P.D). In the film, main character Roy Pulsifer, played by Jeff Bridges, dons a pair of white button-on trouser braces as part of his suave costume.


These are just a few examples of how braces have featured in famous films and TV shows to give you some inspiration. Take a look at our huge selection of trouser braces to find your next pair:

Choosing the right Trouser Braces

Trouser braces are a great idea if you’re up for looking your best, be it a wedding, a night out or even for day to day use. Don’t forget however, braces can be worn for novelty purposes as well as for work wear so this really is a clothing accessory for every occasion.

However, just throwing on a pair of braces isn’t as easy as it sounds. With so much choice out there now and with so many opportunities to wear them, finding the right brace for you is harder than it seems. To list but a few types that we sell here, X StyleY StyleNovelty, Slim Line, Work Wear… the list goes on.

We often get customers asking for our recommendation for various situations, so we thought we would put an article together to help guide you in the right direction. So we’re going to take a look at a number of common occasions you could wear braces and make our recommendations accordingly.

Everyday Use

So let’s start with where most of our customer are – everyday wearers of braces. Often a tradition or something we have always done, our braces form part of our everyday wardrobe. So here’s the key… choice. Wearing braces every day means having a large enough selection of braces is a must, given we wear our braces with almost all of our clothes. Now we always recommend having a selection of neutral coloured braces as these will often be your ‘go-to pairs’ as they will suit and match generally all of the shirts and trousers we wear with them. We’re talking about the greysbeiges and black braces. You’re most likely familiar with the different styles being an everyday wearer so talking about X Style, Y Style, Leather Ends aren’t appropriate here – let’s face it, you know what you like. However, we chat about the different styles further down the piece so keep your eye out if you’re in need of advice!


Probably the smartest look you’ll have is one you take with you to a wedding. So donning a smart pair of braces is a must for a lot of us. As well as that, for most of us, a wedding can be the first time we opt to wearing a pair of braces. That may be through choice or as part of a wedding party where the attire has been laid out for you. The modern day style of braces for weddings is more often than not, a slim line brace in the colour of the wedding theme. Slim line braces can look great as part of an overall style, giving an edge and difference to a standard smart dress. Slim braces offer discreteness too with their narrow width.

Work Wear

Heavy duty braces are both the perfect and the obvious choice for braces you wish to use at work – and by work we often mean labouring. The heavy duty brace is the right choice for this environment, with a thicker 50mm width. So now we have put that to bed, you have a choice of style and these should definitely reflect your personality. If you’re a “keep yourself to yourself” type of person, the plain colour are perfect for you. However, if you’re quite the opposite, you can indulge in a choice of patterned and pictures braces, from flags to animal and pretty much everything in between!


Secure is the word here! Tight gripping braces that will hold on whilst you’re holding on. Our range of motorcycle braces all consist of bigger clips with more surface area to grip onto your trousers. Style is the second word here. Depending on your style, we have everything from skull and crossbones to a proud british flag pattern!

Undergarment Braces

For those who aren’t a fan of shouting about their braces, our undergarment braces are the right choice for you. Undergarment braces offer a soft lining on the inside so they can be worn comfortably for the day against your skin. They are worn underneath your shirt for subtlety and comfort and are great for those who love the support from their braces but don’t want them to be worn as part of an overall attire.

Airport Braces

One of our biggest sellers is the airport brace and for good reason too! One of the drawbacks from wearing braces is the occasions where we have to walk through metal detection zones such as they have at airports. Any average brace wearer will know that removing braces at those pressured moments is not the best of ideas. This is where our airport braces are great. With no metal fixings at all, our airport braces mean you don’t have to remove your braces when going through the airport security, and other metal detection zones for that matter – meaning you can keep your momentum on to duty free!