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Size Guide

Trouser Braces Size Guide

No matter what they say, Size matters, the sizing of trouser braces is never a precise science due to the amount of elasticity, adjustment, individual body shape, length and girth, whether buying trouser braces from a tailor or online from British Braces. 

On our site we give each product a suggested size fit, please see below for the respective suggestions.

Toddler Trouser Braces These Toddler trouser braces should fit an average Toddler from the ages of 1 to 5 years.
Children's Trouser Braces These childrens trouser braces should fit an average child from the ages of 5 - 8 years.
Junior Trouser Braces These Junior trouser braces should fit an average child from the ages of 7 - 12 years.
Adult / Teenager Trouser Braces These trouser braces should fit an average adult or teenager.
Extra Long Adult Trouser Braces These extra long trouser braces should fit a taller adult or teenager.

Please remember this guide should only be used as an approximate trouser braces guide. Please bear in mind that a person with a more fuller figure would need the same adjustment as a slimmer but taller person. Most adult sized trouser braces will fit an average person up to and exceeding 6' in height , but 6'3 and above may well be the limit so we would recommend extra long trouser braces for a guaranteed fit. 

We have bracketed teenagers and adults together as most adult trouser braces will adjust down to fit the younger teenagers. 

British Braces do not guarantee the fitting of any trouser braces and offer this trouser braces size guide as a shopping aid only.


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4.70 Average

1442 Reviews

Gwen MacLean

Just loved them

Posted 1 day ago

Lynne Jones

Bought 2 pairs and my other half is very happy. They are comfortable to wear, look and feel good too. Neither of us can believe that it is possible to get such good braces for so little money. Pity I only know one person who wears braces as these are ideal presents.

Posted 2 days ago


Easy to order, quick delivery and hope he likes them for Xmas.

Posted 2 days ago

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