Which type of braces attachment is best?

Trouser braces are always a bold fashion statement. Some find they are more comfortable, convenient and flattering than a belt. Others wear them to express their personal style. If you’re new to braces, you may not be aware of the different options when it comes to attachments. Both clip-on and button-hole attachments come with their own set of advantages. Here’s a guide to help you decide on the right type of suspenders for you.


Clip-on braces were invented back in 1894. They’re a classic accessory, with over a century of history in men’s fashion. They are widely available and affordable which makes them a popular choice among not only men, but women too.

There’s one school of thought that considers clip-on accessories tacky, but clip-on braces are completely different from clip-on bow ties and neckties. Clip-on braces are an old-school choice and that’s part of the attraction. Whether you are concerned with practicality, or taking your first foray into braces, clip-ons could be the perfect choice for you.

However, if you’re a lover of the smart suspenders look, and often pair them with bespoke suits and fitted garments, have you ever considered investing in a top-quality pair of button-hole braces?


For those concerned with fashion, button-hole braces offer a chance to make a unique and bold statement and express individuality. Although button-hole braces are not as widely available as clip-ons, there are far more high-end options. For the man or woman who pays close attention to their style, an investment in button-hole braces will highlight timeless tailoring and great taste.

Both clip-on and button-hole braces make great accessories for all kinds of occasions, but choose wisely to find the style most suitable for your needs. Clip-ons are great for functionality, comfort and experimenting with a new style. But choose a quality pair of button-hole braces for a beautiful, long-lasting accessory that will stand the test of time.

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