What is the difference between X and Y Style Trouser Braces?

So X Back or Y Back, or is it X Style and Y Style? Let us explain...

The two most popular styles of braces are the X Back and the Y Back. Both men and women can wear either with the X Back being the more popular choice.

Braces have been and always will be a staple classic across a number of fashion styles and, in this post, we explore which is the best option for you.

X Back and Y Back Trouser Braces

X Back or X Style

Also known as the four-clip design, these being more secure across the back because there are two straps that cross over and clip or button parallel to the front straps. Being more symmetrical and balanced they feel safer to wear, particularly if you are more active and have a strong stride. These should be worn for more sturdy work like builders, tradesmen, and anglers to hold those waders up. 

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Y Back or Y Style

These are the more traditional style and are known as the two-clip design with two clasps at the front and one at the back. They are generally considered to be less supportive than the X Back design however they are more suited to formal and business wear. The Y Back were the traditional style with some tailors just stitching a button in the centre of the trousers at the back to fasten them to.

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Button or Metal Clasp..?

Let’s just have a quick look at the button clasp and the metal clasp. Both have their benefits so neither supersedes the other really. The stronger the metal clasp which clips on to the trousers or skirt the better with the cheaper materials such as plastic or a weaker metal not being particularly strong or safe... because you don’t know when they will snap off from the weight of the clothing. That’s why it’s so important to choose a high quality pair of braces.

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The button style is much more traditional. One of the key points to consider, and the one new brace wearers from the veterans is the placement of the buttons. The most important thing is that they are comfortable for you, wherever they are placed and whether they are worn on the inside or outside. that distinguishes For a great range of X Back, Y Back, Metal Clasp or Buttons then shop here.