Why Do People Wear Braces?

Many people these days wear braces as a fashion statement. More than being an alternative to wearing a belt, braces offer the opportunity to add an extra dimension to an outfit.

History of trouser braces

Prior to WWI, belts were used primarily for military uniforms. The standard accessory used for holding up trousers was a pair of braces.

However, as lower-sitting, lower-rise trousers became the fashion, braces faded into the background.

As trends have come full circle and the fascination with early 20th-century culture increases in the modern day, we’ve seen the revival of pieces such as fedoras, speakeasy dresses, and most importantly, braces.

Why people wear trouser braces

Whilst fashion may be the obvious reason for people to wear braces, there are a host of other reasons why they are the accessory of choice.

For necessity

For some people, belts simply aren’t realistic. For the very small, such as children, or people with larger builds, braces are the best option for making sure their trousers/shorts don’t go south.

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Jobs that require heavy trousers that can fall down will often use braces over a belt. Jobs such as firefighters, loggers, and farmers will often choose to use braces to ensure that they are not caught out whilst they’re working!

Firefighters are in life and death situations so can’t afford the distraction of their trousers potentially slipping down. In fact, the back of the braces on firefighter’s trousers has more connection points to ensure there are no gaps for exposure to the elements. As the old joke goes, “Why did the fireman wear red suspenders?” “To keep his pants up!”

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For comfort

As those who wear a suit for work will know, sitting down for hours at a time whilst wearing a belt can be uncomfortable.

As braces allow a little more give around the waist whilst not compromising one’s image, they are a fantastic addition to a work uniform.

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There are a variety of different reasons to wear braces. If you think that they might be the accessory missing from your wardrobe then take a look at our range