Patterned braces don’t just have to be a novelty. Braces are back in fashion, and there are endless ways to wear them - and patterned braces are not exempt from this.

Match your patterns

Try using your patterned braces as a source of inspiration for other aspects of your wardrobe, by matching your tie, bowtie, suit lining or even socks to the pattern of your braces. This will afford a look that’s different while remaining cohesive and slick and adds a unique touch to traditional formal-wear that all but guarantees you will stand out for all of the right reasons.

Clash your patterns

Alternatively, you could tear up the rule book. Clash patterns and even colours by using accessories and turning them into individual statement pieces, rather than elements of a much larger theme or dressing scheme.

Use accent colours for reference

Instead of matching completely or actively clashing patterns, use the accent colour(s) within the pattern of your braces as a guide to choosing the colours that will be used throughout the rest of your outfit, giving you the freedom to clash pheasant patterned braces with a polka dot bowtie without the colours coming across as garishly mismatched.

Opt for a theme

Instead of focusing on the pattern of your braces as the starting point for your outfit, build a theme around the pattern itself, matching ideas and working from one colour palette. For example, braces featuring a chipmunk could be used as the starting point for an outfit based on patterns that look at nature, and would work with a bowtie with a similar floral design and a suit containing the main colours within the braces (in this case, light grey and a warm brown).

These are just a few ideas to get you started with patterned braces. Take a look at our huge selection of trouser braces to find the perfect pair for you.