One of the questions we’re frequently asked is, “How can I look more original at my wedding?”

Creating an original look for a wedding without going overboard is a difficult task but, with just a few subtle changes, you can make quite a dramatic visual difference.

Here are 3 simple ideas to help you create an original look for your special day.

Have your Groom in a different colour

This is something that’s grown in popularity in recent years. We often see contrasting colour schemes, such as navy and ivory.

In this instance, the groom will wear an ivory tie and accessories (ie pocket square) whilst the groomsmen wear navy ties and accessories.

You can also do this with flowers, waistcoats, anything that can create a colour difference and contrast between the groom and his party.

Swap a tie for a cravat or bow tie

This bold statement can really make your Groom and Groomsmen stand out.

Bow ties are very fashionable right now but you can always go for a cravat, if you prefer.

Gone are the days where we try to fit in with a standard tie.

A bow tie or cravat is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit to help you achieve a unique look.

Try other accessories

There are dozens of different accessories that can make your wedding outfit pop.

Naturally, a popular choice we see is for grooms to accessorise with braces but you can also add in tie pins, watches and stand-out shoes to contrast colours.

By combining these subtle changes, you can quickly create a look that is totally original whilst not losing all of the traditional wedding look.

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