12 Reasons to Wear a Pair of Trouser Braces


Owning a pair of braces could literally change your life whether you are a child, adult, female, male, granny or grandad. Here are 12 reasons why you should own them.


Trouser Braces for Kids with no Tummy?


It’s quite common to see parents literally pulling their kids trousers up, when they are super skinny and have no tummy to hold a belt. They get hold of the trouser waistband and pull it up along with the child so they end up looking like Simon Cowell mini me. The child’s legs swinging in the air, shouting ‘mum, mum stop it you are embarrassing me.’ Make it easier on both of you and buy a pair of braces for them. We believe it might just be the next craze and I bet your child would love to lead the way.

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A diet too far?


When you’ve cracked your New Year resolution and lost all of that weight, just like the skinny kids with no tummy, you probably haven’t got a tummy to hold your belt up either. Not only that but sometimes small sized belts are still too big. So get yourself a pair of braces instead of looking like you could hold an extra person in the front of your belt.


Trouser Suspenders for Girls, girls, girls!


Wanting to look hot? Get on trend and team up a colourful mini skirt with a pair of black braces... or stand out from the crowd at a black tie dinner and grab yourself a super sexy dinner suit with a stunning pair of pink silk braces with white leather box clasps. Sure to get you noticed in the right way.

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Extrovert City


Some of you just oooooze confidence and want to make a statement and we love it! Whether it’s heading for promotion or making a good impression in front of the new office junior. Get into character by wearing your red braces, black trousers, crisp white shirt, and your shiny black brogues. You will see yourself out performing even the Wolf of Wall Street.


Stand tall


When you look good you feel great. Pair some smart braces with a pair of your favourite trousers to lift your spirit and enhance your positive mood. You will turn your entire day around to be better than when you got out on the wrong side of bed in the morning.


Let me through!


One of our favourites. Stop the noise of the beeps at airport security and grab yourself a pair of braces with trendy plastic clips instead of the metal buckle on your belt delaying your entire journey. Then you can sit at the seafood bar and relax with a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc, half a dozen oysters, and watch everyone else hurriedly trying to get their belts back on before they board.


Listen Up Boys!


What is it that women, and some men to be fair, like about a super hot guy who wears braces? We think it’s because they are just different. It isn't even a question of what clothes they are wearing, the attractiveness is magnetic. So if you are wanting to spice up your relationship, grab yourself a pair and watch your partner swoon.


Do I smell something fishy? ... Braces for Fishermen!


Made famous by the tinned salmon advert with the big hairy fisherman wearing waders and braces, they definitely made him into something. Big, powerful, hungry, and somehow attractive with his yellow rain hat, waders, and braces. So if you know a fisherman that worries about his trousers getting washed away, send him over to us. We will sort him out.

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Get Smart with Braces... Enhance your suit without the price tag


You will notice that it seems to be the abundant guys who wear braces, oh ok let’s call them the rich folk. Now it’s not as if the braces are pricey, they are not. They are actually better value than leather belts in some instances. However, wait for it... they allow your suit to hang so much better. If you don’t want to look like the guy who has a saggy belt in the office with his shirt hanging out looking as if he has had the day from hell, make a start and get the braces on! Super smart all day long without the price tag.

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Go Gatsby


Gatsby is coming back in a big way. Functions, parties, and dirty dancing in the smokey basement club with the girls in their fringe dresses, and you donning your braces and trilby. What better way to look the real deal than wearing a good set of braces so you can swing your ladies around without fear of them unclipping.


Oh Mr Darcy!


It’s the film that everyone talks about and yet probably one that most haven't seen. The vision of Mr Darcy in his white shirt, brown trousers and rugged jacket is enough to make anybody swoon. They can turn your make your partner look good, even after a hard day at the office. Your life will never be the same again.


Slimmer without the horrid diet


Slimmer and taller just by wearing braces. It’s true. If women can look thinner wearing vertical striped dresses, tops and skirts, men definitely look slimmer and taller wearing braces. It’s an optical illusion and one that works. So why wouldn’t you? The vertical length of the braces hide a bit of that tum. They make you look taller to the person you are talking to because their eyeline psychologically goes past the shoulders.


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