Picking Your Perfect Pair of Braces

Braces have become the flexible accessory of choice for many people in recent years. Whether being worn for style or for functionality, we are certainly seeing a renaissance when it comes to braces.

But how do you pick the perfect pair for your outfit? Let’s start with picking the right colour.

Try Keeping It Simple

From plain, solid colours to stripes and patterns. You could write a pretty lengthy book in the time it would take you to browse through every style on offer in the world of braces today.

Choose colours that contrast well with your shirt. One thing to avoid is trying to match your braces to your shirt.

If you’re not sure what to go for, then designs with minimal patterns such as thin vertical stripes, or patterns that make use of subtle hues to retain a refined, understated look are a good way to go.

Out of the Box

However, if you’re looking for something a little more outside the box, then a good rule of thumb is to treat your braces as an extension of your personality - in a similar way that you would do with most accessories.

This means you can have some fun and play around with designs.

Be careful though, if the pattern is overly complicated, your braces may look a little more like a novelty than a sartorial statement.

Finding Your Colour

Keep your skin's shade in mind. Your skin tone can determine which colours work best. A useful rule to follow is that colours that contrast in brightness with your skin are generally more flattering. If your skin is dark, bright oranges and yellows can look great. For paler skin, bold colours such as ruby and emerald are more flattering.

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