5 Ways to Wear Trouser Braces

Wedding braces, airport braces, fashion braces, mens braces, womens’ braces, kids braces. They come in all shapes and sizes. No longer are they just for flinging your thumbs in and swinging them to the floor.

They were originally designed for let’s say, the larger people to keep their breeks up... Scottish for trousers in case you didn’t know. We like the word.

In reality though, anybody can wear them now, and they do. They have become one of Britain’s biggest selling fashion accessories.

Weddings .... Get rid of the top hat.

Uber smart and ridiculously trendy for the most discerning of fashionable wedding couples and guests. Colour match with a neck tie for instant photographic effect and a day to remember. Then dance the night away around the dance floor to Madness’ Baggy Trousers with 3 ladies behind you, if you dare.

Airports .... Fast track leaving tumbleweed behind.

It’s infuriating when you’re heading away on holiday or on a business trip. You join the security queue and all you hear is ‘beep beep beep’ ‘beep beep beep’. You on the other hand can fast track right through without the belt that sets the beeps off. How come? You ask... Because you’re wearing a pair of braces with plastic clasps. So not only do you look super slick and smart, they get you through security sharpish leaving tumbleweed and the queues behind you.

Fashion .... You too can be just like Daniel Craig.

Everyone loves Daniel. He is one hot actor and definitely one to follow for dress sense if you want to keep your relationship fresh. Wearing braces in three films alone as well as his personal life, and yet women, and many men to be fair, just can’t put their finger on it. White braces with adoring leather clasps and a white shirt guarantee to rekindle the romance in your life. Your can’t fail to look stylish wearing that combination.

Novelty .... Keep your trousers on.

Patterned, spotted, stripes, plain, whichever takes your fancy. Spruce up your fancy dress outfit. Whether it’s holding the clown trousers up or the cute little denim shorts that were made famous by the advert with men in high heels having a dance off against builders. It might be the super slick One Direction imitation for your fancy dress to attract the right person. Whatever the fancy dress occasion, they will be a winner.

Commercial .... Get the guys talking and the girls whistling.

Men's behinds. That is the most polite way. And yet these builders and tradesmen just need a helping hand sometimes. Put the braces on and keep those work trousers up. They will get you attention for all the right reasons. People will be looking for all the right reasons rather than because they can see your ‘you know what.’ You may need extra durable ones though, all that trade work can be heavy duty and keeping your trousers up maybe the last thing on your mind when you're busy working.

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