Trouser braces are a great idea if you’re up for looking your best, be it a wedding, a night out or even for day to day use. Don’t forget however, braces can be worn for novelty purposes as well as for work wear so this really is a clothing accessory for every occasion.


However, just throwing on a pair of braces isn’t as easy as it sounds. With so much choice out there now and with so many opportunities to wear them, finding the right brace for you is harder than it seems. To list but a few types that we sell here, X Style, Y Style, Novelty, Slim Line, Work Wear… the list goes on.


We often get customers asking for our recommendation for various situations, so we thought we would put an article together to help guide you in the right direction. So we’re going to take a look at a number of common occasions you could wear braces and make our recommendations accordingly.


Everyday Use

So let's start with where most of our customer are - everyday wearers of braces. Often a tradition or something we have always done, our braces form part of our everyday wardrobe. So here’s the key… choice. Wearing braces every day means having a large enough selection of braces is a must, given we wear our braces with almost all of our clothes. Now we always recommend having a selection of neutral coloured braces as these will often be your ‘go-to pairs’ as they will suit and match generally all of the shirts and trousers we wear with them. We’re talking about the greys, beiges and black braces. You’re most likely familiar with the different styles being an everyday wearer so talking about X Style, Y Style, Leather Ends aren’t appropriate here - let’s face it, you know what you like. However, we chat about the different styles further down the piece so keep your eye out if you’re in need of advice!



Probably the smartest look you’ll have is one you take with you to a wedding. So donning a smart pair of braces is a must for a lot of us. As well as that, for most of us, a wedding can be the first time we opt to wearing a pair of braces. That may be through choice or as part of a wedding party where the attire has been laid out for you. The modern day style of braces for weddings is more often than not, a slim line brace in the colour of the wedding theme. Slim line braces can look great as part of an overall style, giving an edge and difference to a standard smart dress. Slim braces offer discreteness too with their narrow width.


Work Wear

Heavy duty braces are both the perfect and the obvious choice for braces you wish to use at work - and by work we often mean labouring. The heavy duty brace is the right choice for this environment, with a thicker 50mm width. So now we have put that to bed, you have a choice of style and these should definitely reflect your personality. If you’re a “keep yourself to yourself” type of person, the plain colour are perfect for you. However, if you’re quite the opposite, you can indulge in a choice of patterned and pictures braces, from flags to animal and pretty much everything in between!



Secure is the word here! Tight gripping braces that will hold on whilst you’re holding on. Our range of motorcycle braces all consist of bigger clips with more surface area to grip onto your trousers. Style is the second word here. Depending on your style, we have everything from skull and crossbones to a proud british flag pattern!


Undergarment Braces

For those who aren’t a fan of shouting about their braces, our undergarment braces are the right choice for you. Undergarment braces offer a soft lining on the inside so they can be worn comfortably for the day against your skin. They are worn underneath your shirt for subtlety and comfort and are great for those who love the support from their braces but don’t want them to be worn as part of an overall attire.


Airport Braces

One of our biggest sellers is the airport brace and for good reason too! One of the drawbacks from wearing braces is the occasions where we have to walk through metal detection zones such as they have at airports. Any average brace wearer will know that removing braces at those pressured moments is not the best of ideas. This is where our airport braces are great. With no metal fixings at all, our airport braces mean you don’t have to remove your braces when going through the airport security, and other metal detection zones for that matter - meaning you can keep your momentum on to duty free!