Hot or Not - Celebrities Love Braces

Let’s face it, celebrities are trendsetters. Whether we see them in a mag, a newspaper, on TV, or online - we love to see what they are wearing.

As braces have once again emerged as a hot accessory trend, celebrities have also jumped on (or maybe kickstarted) the bandwagon.

So here’s a quick look at a few of our favourite celebs who have caught our eye wearing all styles of braces.

Channing Tatum

In a nod to the ‘30s and ‘40s, Channing wore traditional amber brown braces paired with grey trousers and a navy waistcoat, with his braces off the shoulder and hanging to the side, stylishly dressing down an otherwise formal look.

Drew Barrymore

Like many, Drew’s go-to type of braces seems to be the skinny matte black clip-ons, but she’s also been known to thrown on a pair of denim button braces over denim shorts. Drew is great example of how braces can be used to jazz up a simple, casual outfit.

Taylor Swift

Taylor often accessorises with skinny black braces but she’s also paired bejeweled braces with high waisted shorts and matte black braces with crop tops in the past. However she wears them, we think Taylor looks great in braces!


Benedict Cumberbatch

On screen and off, Cumberbatch seems to find himself in braces more often than not.

Whilst Cumberbatch’s style has always been seen as slightly ‘old-school’, his ability to pair braces with his outfits is fantastic.

As braces become the go-to accessory, you will see more and more celebs rocking them once again. Who do you think looks best in braces?

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