We love seeing celebrities wearing braces. They never go out of fashion and whether it’s men, women or children, they look truly great. Team them with a smart suit, some casual slacks, or a mini skirt and crisp white shirt for the women, maybe with a pair of knee high boots and coloured tights.

Whether you are young, old, on trend or not, you will definitely stand out in the right way. Let’s take a look at 3 celebrities who are completely bossing the braces look at the moment.

Beyonce does it again

A pair of red braces worn either side of the bust over a checked shirt which is undone 4 buttons down, and a pair of jeans and she looks hot. Beyonce has always loved her body, you can just tell by the clothes she wears. Daring enough to get the mind racing for the guys and an envious state from the girls, she always rocks it in a classy and feminine way.

I think we will see a lot more of Beyonce wearing braces, they really suit her and she could wear them in any weather with any outfit.

You can find a similar pair to those that Beyonce is wearing below here - a slim, 25mm wide red clip-on trouser brace.

Beyonce Wearing Trouser Braces

Victoria Beckham setting the trend

Victoria Beckham has been a fan of braces for years. One of her favourite ways to wear them is with a crisp white shirt, sometimes choosing a simple white vest instead. Teamed with a pair of black braces, she looks great and oozes class. Victoria proves just how adaptable braces are, perfect as the finishing touch to your work outfit, as well as helping you set the trend on a night out.

We know shes a style icon to many people but it looks like she influences hubby Davids wardrobe too!

You can find a similar pair to those that Victoria is wearing below here - a black 35mm wide leather end brace.

Victoria Beckham Wearing Trouser Braces

One Direction ... To Be or Not to Be?

One Directions Louis Tomlinson rocks the braces look whether on stage or off. He looks super smart and could make the most basic of rags look great. When you are a superstar with a crush from millions of fans you are guaranteed to be something of a trendsetter.

To be fair to all the boys though, they always looked smart and have all worn braces over the last few years. The question is, will they wear them when they get back together again as it has been reported recently? We certainly hope so.

Remember though, you don’t have to be a star to wear cool braces. Colour co-ordinate them with your favourite suit, trousers, shorts or skirt, or go completely the opposite way and wear the same colour braces as your shirt and trousers. Whatever the look, be bold, be brave, and choose a great pair that’s perfect for you. 

You can find a similar pair to those that Louis is wearing below here - a 25mm, slim clip-on brace in a wine / maroon colour.

Louis Tomlinson Wearing Trouser Braces