The Advantages to Wearing Trouser Braces

Most people may think that trouser braces or suspenders are worn only by the older gentlemen - someone who has worn braces since their height of use back in the 1950’s, however braces are making a great comeback and have been reborn for the younger market too.

There are a number of advantages to wearing trouser braces, so let’s go through them and help you understand why the trouser brace is great choice when it comes to looking and feeling your best.


Braces give you the smart look

First and foremost, braces arguably look much smarter than a standard belt. The trouser brace doesn’t only offer practicality, but is a huge compliment to the smart attire as well as a casual, everyday look too. With so many different styles, colours and designs of braces on the market today, the brace is a smart addition to your casual wear, office wear or the dress wear for a higher caliber event such as weddings.

Besides looking smart, there is one core reason why most of our customers choose to wear braces over wearing a belt and that is comfort.


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The comfortable way to wear your trousers

For those who haven’t worn suspenders or braces before, it will be difficult to understand how braces can be comfortable, but the reason is simple. Braces take away pressure and tightness from around the waist. Especially for those who are a little larger around the waist, belts can become uncomfortable very quickly and belt buckles dig into the skin and be painful.

The trouser brace lifts that weight up to the shoulders and allows the waist to be freed of pressure - especially when sitting down. Even for those who don’t like their braces to be on show, an undergarment brace offers exactly the same support whilst being discreet under your shirt but offering a soft inside lining for comfort on the skin.

Lastly but no means the final advantage, our customers love the fact that when they get to airport security, they are no longer removing the belts to be able to make their way through the metal detectors. In such a pressured environment, removing clothing is the last thing we want to be doing, which is why we offer the airport brace that contains no metal parts so we can get a move on to duty free! Take a look at our airport braces here

There are tons more reasons why braces are a great choice and we plan to add to our list in the near future but for now, if you haven’t tried a trouser brace - go on, give it a go, you might just like it!

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