Man wearing navy braces over a white shirt and green bow-tie, attached to navy formal trousers

Sometimes it’s hard to know which accessory is best to really tie your outfit together. Braces have made a real comeback into men’s fashion in recent years. But it’s becoming harder and harder to decide when to wear which and what attire will best suit the occasion.

We’ve compiled a guide to help you make those all-important decisions.

Which trousers fit best?

The type of trousers you’re wearing is very important when it comes to what you’re deciding. Usually, with a belt, your trousers need to be a little tighter. If this isn’t your cup of tea then consider allowing a brace to hold your trousers, allowing you to have a little bit more space and comfort around the waist.

Suiting your body type

Both can be worn regardless of your body type. But, a larger waist can mean that braces provide more comfort and support. Braces allow your trouser to hang a little higher on the thinner parts of your waist.

Something that’s equally as important is the style of belts or braces. A larger individual might want to think about wearing a thicker set of braces. It’s similar to ties in the sense that a small thin tie really accentuates any muscle or bulk across the chest.

How do you want to look?

If you’re going to be wearing a 3 piece suit or a big double-breasted jacket with a pair of braces, it’ll be hard to notice them unless you’re aiming for subtlety. A belt would fit better in this situation. If it’s a more laid back look of trousers and a shirt then a good pair of braces will highlight the look, as seen in the image below.

Man with a flat cap and brown trouser braces, sitting down with a drink in hand and a book open across his lap

The event

We’ve briefly touched on this but the event is one of the biggest factors. There’s no one size fits all here, it depends on how you feel and the tone of the event. If you choose to wear a belt then you can pair it with your shoes for a very simple and elegant look. Ensure that your braces or belt are quite muted and understated and both will really add a touch of class to any outfit.

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