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Covid-19 / Coronavirus Update

Covid-19 / Coronavirus Update

This page has been setup to keep you, our customers updated on our position as it relates to the COVID-19 / Coronavirus. We are currently OPEN. We have an increased Hygiene policy in place and cell containment policy to prevent any UNNECESSARY interaction between our staff. All shared areas have limited access and increased hygiene policy in place. Where appropriate, we have staff operating remotely and any staff feeling the need to self-isolate have been supported to do so. Our orders are continuing to dispatch daily on our normal operating services. Our Delivery partners are:

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Classic fashion making a comeback in 2020

With a new year comes a whole host of new fashion trends. In our last blog post, we looked at 5 of the latest trends taking the fashion world by storm. Today, we’re taking a look at some classic items that are making a comeback.

These boots were made for walking

We’re kicking off the list with a classic that’s come around once again. Chelsea boots are walking back into our lives and we are here for it. They’re simple and an absolute gem, they just ooze cool. An absolute must-have, they should be a staple of every man’s wardrobe. They go perfectly with a pair of jeans or with a more formal ensemble, they are a very versatile shoe.

Be kind, rewind

The return of the puffer jacket. Not only do they look great, but they’re also super practical. It certainly ticks the comfort and warmth boxes, there’s no better feeling than walking around in what is essentially a sleeping bag jacket. They’re very versatile and the height of streetwear right now. Just make sure when you do eventually pick one up, you get the right fit to ensure maximum snugness and that it’s thick enough to keep you toasty.

It’s high noon

Gone are the days of the skinny jean, we’re going back to basics. Not only are wide-leg trousers in, but you better make sure those trousers have got a high waist on them. They should be sitting on or above your waist if possible. This trend is sprouting from icons like Harry Styles donning his big trousers. There have been some sightings of the wide trousers with equally long trouser legs however some people are repping a shorter cuff on their trousers and exposing a little bit of ankle or shin. Try pairing this look with a pair of Chelsea boots. And if you need help holding up those trousers, why not pair them with a pair of our braces for an extra sharp accessory to really tie your outfit together? Take a look at our full range of trouser braces today.

How To Look Good This Christmas

How to look good this Christmas

celebration party glasses of champagne

The festive season is upon us. You’re a social butterfly and your calendar is filling up. From Christmas parties, office shin-digs and family gatherings, you need to look your best. Don’t worry, we have got you covered with our festive style guide this year.

We’re going to be throwing some events at you in various levels of formality so you can be ready for any invitation.

Black Tie/Formal

Usually, Christmas parties are quite easy for men. If it’s black tie, it’s pretty straightforward. The tux is a classic, timeless look. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, try a midnight blue tuxedo. This will definitely turn a few heads. 

Semi-formal/Smart casual

These two almost go hand in hand and a lot of people tend to get them a little confused. When we say semi-formal, we’re talking a relaxed casual suit, something stylish but one that doesn’t always warrant a tie. Style and sophistication is definitely required here. Think about colours, if it’s an evening event then you’re going to need a darker palette. If we’re talking a day time soiree then a lighter suit is always an option. Make sure your suit is tailored and you’re rocking those dress shoes.

For smart casual, we’re hitting a nice casual blazer, trousers and maybe just an under tee. Nothing major, very relaxed and casual. Possibly spruce it up a little with a pair of braces, but again it’s a very relaxed comfortable look.


If you’re having a casual Christmas party, the gloves are off and you can wear whatever you want. We’re not telling you to rock up in your jog pants and your cosy hoodie but you could try a classic t-shirt and jeans with a nice jacket.

The Christmas party also lets you push the boat out. If you’re feeling brave, dig out your ugly Christmas jumper. Throw on a pair of our Christmas braces and rock that festive look.

Lucky for you. We have a Black Friday sale so you can add the finishing touch to any outfit! Check it out:

Belts or Trouser Braces

Man wearing navy braces over a white shirt and green bow-tie, attached to navy formal trousers

Sometimes it’s hard to know which accessory is best to really tie your outfit together. Braces have made a real comeback into men’s fashion in recent years. But it’s becoming harder and harder to decide when to wear which and what attire will best suit the occasion.

We’ve compiled a guide to help you make those all-important decisions.

Which trousers fit best?

The type of trousers you’re wearing is very important when it comes to what you’re deciding. Usually, with a belt, your trousers need to be a little tighter. If this isn’t your cup of tea then consider allowing a brace to hold your trousers, allowing you to have a little bit more space and comfort around the waist.

Suiting your body type

Both can be worn regardless of your body type. But, a larger waist can mean that braces provide more comfort and support. Braces allow your trouser to hang a little higher on the thinner parts of your waist.

Something that’s equally as important is the style of belts or braces. A larger individual might want to think about wearing a thicker set of braces. It’s similar to ties in the sense that a small thin tie really accentuates any muscle or bulk across the chest.

How do you want to look?

If you’re going to be wearing a 3 piece suit or a big double-breasted jacket with a pair of braces, it’ll be hard to notice them unless you’re aiming for subtlety. A belt would fit better in this situation. If it’s a more laid back look of trousers and a shirt then a good pair of braces will highlight the look, as seen in the image below.

Man with a flat cap and brown trouser braces, sitting down with a drink in hand and a book open across his lap

The event

We’ve briefly touched on this but the event is one of the biggest factors. There’s no one size fits all here, it depends on how you feel and the tone of the event. If you choose to wear a belt then you can pair it with your shoes for a very simple and elegant look. Ensure that your braces or belt are quite muted and understated and both will really add a touch of class to any outfit.

Check out our full range of formal braces here:

Braces Attachments |

Which type of braces attachment is best?

Trouser braces are always a bold fashion statement. Some find they are more comfortable, convenient and flattering than a belt. Others wear them to express their personal style. If you’re new to braces, you may not be aware of the different options when it comes to attachments. Both clip-on and button-hole attachments come with their own set of advantages. Here’s a guide to help you decide on the right type of suspenders for you.


Clip-on braces were invented back in 1894. They’re a classic accessory, with over a century of history in men’s fashion. They are widely available and affordable which makes them a popular choice among not only men, but women too.

There’s one school of thought that considers clip-on accessories tacky, but clip-on braces are completely different from clip-on bow ties and neckties. Clip-on braces are an old-school choice and that’s part of the attraction. Whether you are concerned with practicality, or taking your first foray into braces, clip-ons could be the perfect choice for you.

However, if you’re a lover of the smart suspenders look, and often pair them with bespoke suits and fitted garments, have you ever considered investing in a top-quality pair of button-hole braces?


For those concerned with fashion, button-hole braces offer a chance to make a unique and bold statement and express individuality. Although button-hole braces are not as widely available as clip-ons, there are far more high-end options. For the man or woman who pays close attention to their style, an investment in button-hole braces will highlight timeless tailoring and great taste.

Both clip-on and button-hole braces make great accessories for all kinds of occasions, but choose wisely to find the style most suitable for your needs. Clip-ons are great for functionality, comfort and experimenting with a new style. But choose a quality pair of button-hole braces for a beautiful, long-lasting accessory that will stand the test of time.

Browse the world’s largest range of trouser braces today:

Airport Checklist

Airport checklist: the essentials you need to have a hassle-free holiday 

Although packing and organising for your trip abroad can be stressful, with the right preparation your holiday can begin at home. 

Summer is finally here and the holiday season is officially in full swing. Although we can’t make the mad rush to the airport any easier or help with booking the hotel, hopefully these top tips for travelling abroad will help you and your family get airport ready. 

Make the most of your luggage allowance 

It may seem like a common-sense statement but it’s surprising how many of us don’t get the most out of our baggage allowance when travelling or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, overstep the mark and end up having to pay fees at the airport. 

Before packing your hand luggage and checked luggage, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the allowances and limitations applied by the airline you’ll be flying with. Whilst most airlines allow for one piece of hand luggage and one checked bag per traveller, the restrictions on luggage size and weight vary from airline to airline. Checking the luggage guidelines for the airline you’ll be flying with before packing will allow you to make the most of the space in your bags, maybe even allowing you to save some room for treats bought abroad, whilst also avoiding having to pay any fees at the airport for oversized or overweight luggage. 

Have a comfortable flight 

Whilst Instagram and other social media platforms might dictate that the “Airport Outfit” is an ensemble that should be carefully thought-out and put together to make you ready for any photo opportunity, we believe comfort and practicality should be just as much of a priority as stylishness.

Assuming your flight is only a short-haul journey of a couple of hours, with the time factored in for travelling to the airport, checking in bags, going through security checkpoints, shopping and eating, along with the walk to the gate, the flight itself and the arrival procedure at the other end, you’re going to be in the clothes you’re wearing for an extended period of time, so it’s a good idea to plan your outfit accordingly. 

Being comfortable in both home temperatures and abroad temperatures is important. We suggest packing removable layers (jackets, jumpers or cardigans), wearing light, breathable fabrics and comfortable shoes (slip-ons will save you having to fumble with buckles or laces at the security checkpoint). 

Step through, please 

The longest queue you are likely to encounter in the airport is the one at the security checkpoint. Ensure you and your family move through quickly by following these top tips: 

Limit the liquids you are carrying. Most airports apply restrictions to the volume of liquids allowed in hand luggage as no more than 100ml per container.

Consider your electricals when packing. It’s always a hassle having to rummage around in your carry-on bag to find your laptop, tablet or hair straighteners in preparation to put them through the airport scanner. Packing them in your checked luggage, or in an accessible place in your hand luggage, will ensure that you can avoid any unnecessary delays. 

Read up on restricted items before you travel. Certain items will be confiscated if found in your hand luggage. Make sure you know what they are to save time and avoid hassle. 

Avoid the beep! Often, the airport security scanners are triggered by clothing and accessories containing metal. You can save time at security by replacing your belt or standard braces with our airport braces. 

British Braces stock braces and suspenders to compliment even the most casual of holiday outfits. Take a look at our range of products for menwomen and children

Iconic TV & Film Braces

Iconic TV & Film Braces

Braces have appeared in many films and TV series over the years, from James Bond to American Psycho and The Greatest Showman. In film and TV, as with in real life, braces as an accessory can be used to convey a character or person’s personality and tastes.

Mission Impossible: Fallout

In this 2018 film directed by Christopher McQuarie, the sixth instalment in the Mission Impossible franchise, character Benji Dunn wears a unique set of burgundy braces. The character, portrayed by comedian, actor and screenwriter Simon Pegg, is one of protagonist Ethan Hunt’s main teammates and a former IMF technician.


Doctor Who

First airing in 1963, Doctor Who has featured many different portrayals of the character, each with their own unique costumes and many featuring braces at one time or another. A firm fan favourite for the younger generations of Doctor Who fans – also known as ‘Whovians’ – is Matt Smith, who alternated between wearing claret and dark blue braces as the Doctor.

Currently, Jodie Whittaker’s version of the character pairs a yellow set of runner end trouser braces with blue trousers and a striped t-shirt. Whittaker’s thirteenth Doctor is one of the most visually colourful versions of the character in recent memory, mostly thanks to these light yellow Y-Style braces. 




Robert Schwentke’s 2013 SciFi/Fantasy film follows murdered police officer Ryan Reynolds through his afterlife journey to catch his killer as a detective within the ‘Rest In Peace Department’ (R.I.P.D). In the film, main character Roy Pulsifer, played by Jeff Bridges, dons a pair of white button-on trouser braces as part of his suave costume.


These are just a few examples of how braces have featured in famous films and TV shows to give you some inspiration. Take a look at our huge selection of trouser braces to find your next pair:

4 Ways to Style Halloween Braces

Braces are the ideal addition to formal wear at any time of the year. Halloween, however, presents unique opportunities to style braces as a part of a costume. There are many ways to incorporate braces into a costume and the only real limit on their potential is your imagination. We’ve rounded up a list of our 4 top ways to style Halloween braces to help you get started.


Our first way to style Halloween braces is by theme. Some examples of this would be where a costume based on skeletons is paired with some of our skull braces, or a costume based on a devil or demon character is paired with our flame braces, either in blue or red depending on the colour scheme of the rest of the costume. 

Skull Horror Scary Braces
Flame Fire Braces

The patterns in our collection of Halloween braces and the themes they communicate would make a good starting point for costume inspiration for anyone struggling to come up with a costume idea for this year’s celebrations.


Colour co-ordination is not necessarily a new idea when it comes to styling braces. In the context of Halloween, matching the colour of your braces to a key colour of your costume is the perfect way to step up your costume game with subtle accessorisation. The standard Halloween colours consist of orange, red, purple and green, but don’t restrict yourself to only these colours if there are other colours in your costume that you want to focus on for this method of Halloween brace styling.

Bright Orange Classic Traditional Trouser Braces
Skinny Green Neon Trouser Braces


Need to add a spookier flair to a costume that’s frankly underwhelming or just not fashionable enough for your taste? Why not pair it with a set of our Halloween trouser braces? It’ll instantly elevate your costume and show people that you’re getting into the spirit of the holiday.

Black Purple Check Ska Mod Fashion Y-Style Trouser Braces Suspenders
Barbed Wire Black Trouser Braces Mens Suspenders


Incorporate braces into your costume – particularly if you’re planning on dressing up as a famous character for Halloween. Some characters that either do wear or could easily wear braces as part of their iconic outfits include Beetlejuice, Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Norman Bates from Psycho, Patrick Bateman from American Psycho and Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange.

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Top Trends For Autumn 2018

Autumn is approaching, and with its arrival comes new seasonal trends in menswear. Here are a few of our top tips to help you stay up-to-date.


As the precursor to winter, Autumn fashion trends are mainly about getting cosy and introducing heavier pieces of clothing into one’s wardrobe. One way to do that in 2018 is focusing on is through shearling, or faux fur, coats. Shearling is durable, long lasting, warm and commonly comes in key seasonal colours, namely brown, which is perhaps why brands such as Giorgio Armani have released an Autumn jacket in shearling, featuring leather and suede.

Autumn Shades

Traditional colours for the season are still in fashion this year, the main ones being tan, orange and dark green, with a key focus being placed on brown this year. While darker browns are being incorporated by brands, they are mainly being used as an accent to lighter shades.

Take A Hike

Take a bold step with hiking boots coming back into fashion for this Autumn. Even Gucci blended fashion with function by debuting their own version of hiking boots for this season. So, whether you’re planning on trekking up the nearest hill or not, laced hiking boots are a new seasonal staple.

Staple Patterns? Check

Check designs, such as those used famously by Burberry are a crucial pattern this season. For a cohesive, traditionally Autumn-inspired look, layer browns and tans with check patterns in matching colours. Or, if you’re looking to change things up, why not clash check and tartan designs in contrasting colours?

Tips For Autumn Fashion

  • Layer up and experiment with colours and patterns
  • Be sure to include braces in accent colours to each of your outfits, both for practical reasons and to help incorporate your accent colour in a cohesive manner.

Tie your Autumn outfits together whatever the occasion with a pair of braces from British Braces, the world’s largest collection of braces.

Matching Braces with Your Outfit

Braces are becoming a staple piece of many people’s wardrobes and matching them with your outfit helps to bring out the most in your attire, accentuating, complimenting and adding to whatever colour, pattern or style you’re looking to achieve. There are multiple ways to match your braces to your outfit, and we’ve rounded up some of our favourite coordination tactics to help you create the perfect ensemble.

Use subtlety to build your colour palette and match your braces to your accessories. Do this by either taking your braces or an accessory you like and building up other matching aspects of your outfit from there. Good places to start include matching braces with pocket squares or handkerchiefs, as this distributes the ‘pops’ of colour your scheme will provide.Other accessories we would suggest matching your braces with include your tie, bow tie or cravat, a buttionaire or even your shirt, depending on if your colour is more understated and not as bright (muted colours such as grey, beige, tan and lighter shades of blue and pink work well for this). If using a shirt to add an accent colour and if matching it to your braces, we would recommend wearing a waistcoat with your suit to break up the colour even more. 
If you’re opting for patterned braces, there are ways to match these to your outfit too. One option is to use correlation patterns, including similar or the same pattern, style of pattern and colour scheme.An easier option to match patterned braces to your outfit is to pick out some key colours (around two or three) from the pattern, and construct your outfit keeping these in mind, choosing one color for your suit, another for accessories such as a handkerchief or tie. If you decide to incorporate a third key colour into your outfit, you can integrate this into your outfit via suit embellishments or other, smaller accessories, such as cufflinks or socks. 
Monochromatic outfits are timeless, with classic schemes being black or white. You can choose whatever colour you please for a monochromatic outfit, with darker shades such as grey and blood red, as well as navy and black being suited to nighttime events, and lighter colours work better for daytime events, especially now that the warmer seasons are starting to arrive and current fashion is shifting accordingly.  
Colour Wheel
Create slick, colourful and coordinated outfits using the colour wheel to match colours that work well together. For this, you can start with the suit or the braces and decide where to incorporate each opposite colour from there. For a cleaner look, use a suit of one block colour and dress with braces, neck or bow tie, handkerchief and any other accessories you see fit, in the corresponding colour. 

We hope you have found these tips useful and you are now ready to put together the perfect outfit. If you’re still looking for the right pair of braces to suit you, take a look at our wide range –

How To Wear Patterned Braces

Patterned braces don’t just have to be a novelty. Braces are back in fashion, and there are endless ways to wear them – and patterned braces are not exempt from this.

Match your patterns

Try using your patterned braces as a source of inspiration for other aspects of your wardrobe, by matching your tie, bowtie, suit lining or even socks to the pattern of your braces. This will afford a look that’s different while remaining cohesive and slick and adds a unique touch to traditional formal-wear that all but guarantees you will stand out for all of the right reasons.

Clash your patterns

Alternatively, you could tear up the rule book. Clash patterns and even colours by using accessories and turning them into individual statement pieces, rather than elements of a much larger theme or dressing scheme.

Use accent colours for reference

Instead of matching completely or actively clashing patterns, use the accent colour(s) within the pattern of your braces as a guide to choosing the colours that will be used throughout the rest of your outfit, giving you the freedom to clash pheasant patterned braces with a polka dot bowtie without the colours coming across as garishly mismatched.

Opt for a theme

Instead of focusing on the pattern of your braces as the starting point for your outfit, build a theme around the pattern itself, matching ideas and working from one colour palette. For example, braces featuring a chipmunk could be used as the starting point for an outfit based on patterns that look at nature, and would work with a bowtie with a similar floral design and a suit containing the main colours within the braces (in this case, light grey and a warm brown).

These are just a few ideas to get you started with patterned braces. Take a look at our huge selection of trouser braces to find the perfect pair for you.

How To Stand Out In Your Wedding Suit

One of the questions we’re frequently asked is, “How can I look more original at my wedding?”

Creating an original look for a wedding without going overboard is a difficult task but, with just a few subtle changes, you can make quite a dramatic visual difference.

Here are 3 simple ideas to help you create an original look for your special day.

Have your Groom in a different colour

This is something that’s grown in popularity in recent years. We often see contrasting colour schemes, such as navy and ivory.

In this instance, the groom will wear an ivory tie and accessories (ie pocket square) whilst the groomsmen wear navy ties and accessories.

You can also do this with flowers, waistcoats, anything that can create a colour difference and contrast between the groom and his party.

Swap a tie for a cravat or bow tie

This bold statement can really make your Groom and Groomsmen stand out.

Bow ties are very fashionable right now but you can always go for a cravat, if you prefer.

Gone are the days where we try to fit in with a standard tie.

A bow tie or cravat is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit to help you achieve a unique look.

Try other accessories

There are dozens of different accessories that can make your wedding outfit pop.

Naturally, a popular choice we see is for grooms to accessorise with braces but you can also add in tie pins, watches and stand-out shoes to contrast colours.

By combining these subtle changes, you can quickly create a look that is totally original whilst not losing all of the traditional wedding look.

You can check out what braces and accessories we have available to perfectly bring together your wedding suit by clicking here

Hot or Not – Celebrities Love Braces

Hot or Not – Celebrities Love Braces

Let’s face it, celebrities are trendsetters. Whether we see them in a mag, a newspaper, on TV, or online – we love to see what they are wearing.

As braces have once again emerged as a hot accessory trend, celebrities have also jumped on (or maybe kickstarted) the bandwagon.

So here’s a quick look at a few of our favourite celebs who have caught our eye wearing all styles of braces.

Channing Tatum

In a nod to the ‘30s and ‘40s, Channing wore traditional amber brown braces paired with grey trousers and a navy waistcoat, with his braces off the shoulder and hanging to the side, stylishly dressing down an otherwise formal look.

Drew Barrymore

Like many, Drew’s go-to type of braces seems to be the skinny matte black clip-ons, but she’s also been known to thrown on a pair of denim button braces over denim shorts. Drew is great example of how braces can be used to jazz up a simple, casual outfit.

Taylor Swift

Taylor often accessorises with skinny black braces but she’s also paired bejeweled braces with high waisted shorts and matte black braces with crop tops in the past. However she wears them, we think Taylor looks great in braces!

Benedict Cumberbatch

On screen and off, Cumberbatch seems to find himself in braces more often than not.

Whilst Cumberbatch’s style has always been seen as slightly ‘old-school’, his ability to pair braces with his outfits is fantastic.

As braces become the go-to accessory, you will see more and more celebs rocking them once again. Who do you think looks best in braces?

If you are looking to pick up your first pair of braces but don’t want to splash out too much, check out the braces we have on offer by clicking here

Picking Your Perfect Pair of Braces

Picking Your Perfect Pair of Braces

Braces have become the flexible accessory of choice for many people in recent years. Whether being worn for style or for functionality, we are certainly seeing a renaissance when it comes to braces.

But how do you pick the perfect pair for your outfit? Let’s start with picking the right colour.

Try Keeping It Simple

From plain, solid colours to stripes and patterns. You could write a pretty lengthy book in the time it would take you to browse through every style on offer in the world of braces today.

Choose colours that contrast well with your shirt. One thing to avoid is trying to match your braces to your shirt.

If you’re not sure what to go for, then designs with minimal patterns such as thin vertical stripes, or patterns that make use of subtle hues to retain a refined, understated look are a good way to go.

Out of the Box

However, if you’re looking for something a little more outside the box, then a good rule of thumb is to treat your braces as an extension of your personality – in a similar way that you would do with most accessories.

This means you can have some fun and play around with designs.

Be careful though, if the pattern is overly complicated, your braces may look a little more like a novelty than a sartorial statement.

Finding Your Colour

Keep your skin’s shade in mind. Your skin tone can determine which colours work best. A useful rule to follow is that colours that contrast in brightness with your skin are generally more flattering. If your skin is dark, bright oranges and yellows can look great. For paler skin, bold colours such as ruby and emerald are more flattering.

If you are looking for your perfect pair of braces, take a look at the world’s largest selection on our website

Why Do We Wear Trouser Braces?

Why Do People Wear Braces?

Many people these days wear braces as a fashion statement. More than being an alternative to wearing a belt, braces offer the opportunity to add an extra dimension to an outfit.

History of trouser braces

Prior to WWI, belts were used primarily for military uniforms. The standard accessory used for holding up trousers was a pair of braces.

However, as lower-sitting, lower-rise trousers became the fashion, braces faded into the background.

As trends have come full circle and the fascination with early 20th-century culture increases in the modern day, we’ve seen the revival of pieces such as fedoras, speakeasy dresses, and most importantly, braces.

Why people wear trouser braces

Whilst fashion may be the obvious reason for people to wear braces, there are a host of other reasons why they are the accessory of choice.

For necessity

For some people, belts simply aren’t realistic. For the very small, such as children, or people with larger builds, braces are the best option for making sure their trousers/shorts don’t go south.

With a wide range of braces, we have a pair for everyone, regardless of size. If you require an extra long pair of braces, you can see our selection by clicking here


Jobs that require heavy trousers that can fall down will often use braces over a belt. Jobs such as firefighters, loggers, and farmers will often choose to use braces to ensure that they are not caught out whilst they’re working!

Firefighters are in life and death situations so can’t afford the distraction of their trousers potentially slipping down. In fact, the back of the braces on firefighter’s trousers has more connection points to ensure there are no gaps for exposure to the elements. As the old joke goes, “Why did the fireman wear red suspenders?” “To keep his pants up!”

Do you need a heavy duty set of braces? If so, you can see what we offer by clicking here

For comfort

As those who wear a suit for work will know, sitting down for hours at a time whilst wearing a belt can be uncomfortable.

As braces allow a little more give around the waist whilst not compromising one’s image, they are a fantastic addition to a work uniform.

If you’re looking for a pair of braces for work then click here to see our wide selection

There are a variety of different reasons to wear braces. If you think that they might be the accessory missing from your wardrobe then take a look at our range

X Style or Y Style Trouser Braces?

What is the difference between X and Y Style Trouser Braces?

So X Back or Y Back, or is it X Style and Y Style? Let us explain…

The two most popular styles of braces are the X Back and the Y Back. Both men and women can wear either with the X Back being the more popular choice.

Braces have been and always will be a staple classic across a number of fashion styles and, in this post, we explore which is the best option for you.

X Back and Y Back Trouser Braces

X Back or X Style

Also known as the four-clip design, these being more secure across the back because there are two straps that cross over and clip or button parallel to the front straps. Being more symmetrical and balanced they feel safer to wear, particularly if you are more active and have a strong stride. These should be worn for more sturdy work like builders, tradesmen, and anglers to hold those waders up. 

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Y Back or Y Style

These are the more traditional style and are known as the two-clip design with two clasps at the front and one at the back. They are generally considered to be less supportive than the X Back design however they are more suited to formal and business wear. The Y Back were the traditional style with some tailors just stitching a button in the centre of the trousers at the back to fasten them to.

Shop X Style Braces Here

Button or Metal Clasp..?

Let’s just have a quick look at the button clasp and the metal clasp. Both have their benefits so neither supersedes the other really. The stronger the metal clasp which clips on to the trousers or skirt the better with the cheaper materials such as plastic or a weaker metal not being particularly strong or safe… because you don’t know when they will snap off from the weight of the clothing. That’s why it’s so important to choose a high quality pair of braces.

Shop Button Braces Here

Shop Metal Clip Braces Here

The button style is much more traditional. One of the key points to consider, and the one new brace wearers from the veterans is the placement of the buttons. The most important thing is that they are comfortable for you, wherever they are placed and whether they are worn on the inside or outside. that distinguishes For a great range of X Back, Y Back, Metal Clasp or Buttons then shop here.

3 Celebrities That Love Braces!

We love seeing celebrities wearing braces. They never go out of fashion and whether it’s men, women or children, they look truly great. Team them with a smart suit, some casual slacks, or a mini skirt and crisp white shirt for the women, maybe with a pair of knee high boots and coloured tights.

Whether you are young, old, on trend or not, you will definitely stand out in the right way. Let’s take a look at 3 celebrities who are completely bossing the braces look at the moment.

Beyonce does it again

A pair of red braces worn either side of the bust over a checked shirt which is undone 4 buttons down, and a pair of jeans and she looks hot. Beyonce has always loved her body, you can just tell by the clothes she wears. Daring enough to get the mind racing for the guys and an envious state from the girls, she always rocks it in a classy and feminine way.

I think we will see a lot more of Beyonce wearing braces, they really suit her and she could wear them in any weather with any outfit.

You can find a similar pair to those that Beyonce is wearing below here – a slim, 25mm wide red clip-on trouser brace.

Beyonce Wearing Trouser Braces

Victoria Beckham setting the trend

Victoria Beckham has been a fan of braces for years. One of her favourite ways to wear them is with a crisp white shirt, sometimes choosing a simple white vest instead. Teamed with a pair of black braces, she looks great and oozes class. Victoria proves just how adaptable braces are, perfect as the finishing touch to your work outfit, as well as helping you set the trend on a night out.

We know she’s a style icon to many people but it looks like she influences hubby David’s wardrobe too!

You can find a similar pair to those that Victoria is wearing below here – a black 35mm wide leather end brace.Victoria Beckham Wearing Trouser Braces

One Direction … To Be or Not to Be?

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson rocks the braces look whether on stage or off. He looks super smart and could make the most basic of rags look great. When you are a superstar with a crush from millions of fans you are guaranteed to be something of a trendsetter.

To be fair to all the boys though, they always looked smart and have all worn braces over the last few years. The question is, will they wear them when they get back together again as it has been reported recently? We certainly hope so.

Remember though, you don’t have to be a star to wear cool braces. Colour co-ordinate them with your favourite suit, trousers, shorts or skirt, or go completely the opposite way and wear the same colour braces as your shirt and trousers. Whatever the look, be bold, be brave, and choose a great pair that’s perfect for you. 

You can find a similar pair to those that Louis is wearing below here – a 25mm, slim clip-on brace in a wine / maroon colour.

Louis Tomlinson Wearing Trouser Braces

12 Reasons to Wear Trouser Braces

12 Reasons to Wear a Pair of Trouser Braces

Owning a pair of braces could literally change your life whether you are a child, adult, female, male, granny or grandad. Here are 12 reasons why you should own them.

Trouser Braces for Kids with no Tummy?

It’s quite common to see parents literally pulling their kids trousers up, when they are super skinny and have no tummy to hold a belt. They get hold of the trouser waistband and pull it up along with the child so they end up looking like Simon Cowell mini me. The child’s legs swinging in the air, shouting ‘mum, mum stop it you are embarrassing me.’ Make it easier on both of you and buy a pair of braces for them. We believe it might just be the next craze and I bet your child would love to lead the way.

Shop for Children’s Braces 

A diet too far?

When you’ve cracked your New Year resolution and lost all of that weight, just like the skinny kids with no tummy, you probably haven’t got a tummy to hold your belt up either. Not only that but sometimes small sized belts are still too big. So get yourself a pair of braces instead of looking like you could hold an extra person in the front of your belt.

Trouser Suspenders for Girls, girls, girls!

Wanting to look hot? Get on trend and team up a colourful mini skirt with a pair of black braces… or stand out from the crowd at a black tie dinner and grab yourself a super sexy dinner suit with a stunning pair of pink silk braces with white leather box clasps. Sure to get you noticed in the right way.

Shop for Women’s Trouser Braces

Extrovert City

Some of you just oooooze confidence and want to make a statement and we love it! Whether it’s heading for promotion or making a good impression in front of the new office junior. Get into character by wearing your red braces, black trousers, crisp white shirt, and your shiny black brogues. You will see yourself out performing even the Wolf of Wall Street.

Stand tall

When you look good you feel great. Pair some smart braces with a pair of your favourite trousers to lift your spirit and enhance your positive mood. You will turn your entire day around to be better than when you got out on the wrong side of bed in the morning.

Let me through!

One of our favourites. Stop the noise of the beeps at airport security and grab yourself a pair of braces with trendy plastic clips instead of the metal buckle on your belt delaying your entire journey. Then you can sit at the seafood bar and relax with a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc, half a dozen oysters, and watch everyone else hurriedly trying to get their belts back on before they board.

Listen Up Boys!

What is it that women, and some men to be fair, like about a super hot guy who wears braces? We think it’s because they are just different. It isn’t even a question of what clothes they are wearing, the attractiveness is magnetic. So if you are wanting to spice up your relationship, grab yourself a pair and watch your partner swoon.

Do I smell something fishy? … Braces for Fishermen!

Made famous by the tinned salmon advert with the big hairy fisherman wearing waders and braces, they definitely made him into something. Big, powerful, hungry, and somehow attractive with his yellow rain hat, waders, and braces. So if you know a fisherman that worries about his trousers getting washed away, send him over to us. We will sort him out.

Check out our Fishermen Novelty Braces!

Get Smart with Braces… Enhance your suit without the price tag

You will notice that it seems to be the abundant guys who wear braces, oh ok let’s call them the rich folk. Now it’s not as if the braces are pricey, they are not. They are actually better value than leather belts in some instances. However, wait for it… they allow your suit to hang so much better. If you don’t want to look like the guy who has a saggy belt in the office with his shirt hanging out looking as if he has had the day from hell, make a start and get the braces on! Super smart all day long without the price tag.

Discover our smart trouser braces 

Go Gatsby

Gatsby is coming back in a big way. Functions, parties, and dirty dancing in the smokey basement club with the girls in their fringe dresses, and you donning your braces and trilby. What better way to look the real deal than wearing a good set of braces so you can swing your ladies around without fear of them unclipping.

Oh Mr Darcy!

It’s the film that everyone talks about and yet probably one that most haven’t seen. The vision of Mr Darcy in his white shirt, brown trousers and rugged jacket is enough to make anybody swoon. They can turn your make your partner look good, even after a hard day at the office. Your life will never be the same again.

Slimmer without the horrid diet

Slimmer and taller just by wearing braces. It’s true. If women can look thinner wearing vertical striped dresses, tops and skirts, men definitely look slimmer and taller wearing braces. It’s an optical illusion and one that works. So why wouldn’t you? The vertical length of the braces hide a bit of that tum. They make you look taller to the person you are talking to because their eyeline psychologically goes past the shoulders.

We have the world’s largest selection of trouser braces to choose from, take a look around to find your next pair.

5 Ways to Wear Trouser Braces

5 Ways to Wear Trouser Braces

Wedding braces, airport braces, fashion braces, mens braces, womens’ braces, kids braces. They come in all shapes and sizes. No longer are they just for flinging your thumbs in and swinging them to the floor.

They were originally designed for let’s say, the larger people to keep their breeks up… Scottish for trousers in case you didn’t know. We like the word.

In reality though, anybody can wear them now, and they do. They have become one of Britain’s biggest selling fashion accessories.

Weddings …. Get rid of the top hat.

Uber smart and ridiculously trendy for the most discerning of fashionable wedding couples and guests. Colour match with a neck tie for instant photographic effect and a day to remember. Then dance the night away around the dance floor to Madness’ Baggy Trousers with 3 ladies behind you, if you dare.

Airports …. Fast track leaving tumbleweed behind.

It’s infuriating when you’re heading away on holiday or on a business trip. You join the security queue and all you hear is ‘beep beep beep’ ‘beep beep beep’. You on the other hand can fast track right through without the belt that sets the beeps off. How come? You ask… Because you’re wearing a pair of braces with plastic clasps. So not only do you look super slick and smart, they get you through security sharpish leaving tumbleweed and the queues behind you.

Fashion …. You too can be just like Daniel Craig.

Everyone loves Daniel. He is one hot actor and definitely one to follow for dress sense if you want to keep your relationship fresh. Wearing braces in three films alone as well as his personal life, and yet women, and many men to be fair, just can’t put their finger on it. White braces with adoring leather clasps and a white shirt guarantee to rekindle the romance in your life. Your can’t fail to look stylish wearing that combination.

Novelty …. Keep your trousers on.

Patterned, spotted, stripes, plain, whichever takes your fancy. Spruce up your fancy dress outfit. Whether it’s holding the clown trousers up or the cute little denim shorts that were made famous by the advert with men in high heels having a dance off against builders. It might be the super slick One Direction imitation for your fancy dress to attract the right person. Whatever the fancy dress occasion, they will be a winner.

Commercial …. Get the guys talking and the girls whistling.

Men’s behinds. That is the most polite way. And yet these builders and tradesmen just need a helping hand sometimes. Put the braces on and keep those work trousers up. They will get you attention for all the right reasons. People will be looking for all the right reasons rather than because they can see your ‘you know what.’ You may need extra durable ones though, all that trade work can be heavy duty and keeping your trousers up maybe the last thing on your mind when you’re busy working.

The good news is that we have a pair of braces for every occasion. Click here to find your next pair of braces. 

A Brief History of Trouser Braces

We know that braces today are a mark of a fashionable soul, combining vintage influences and modern styling to create a polished look that is always on message. But just where did braces come from, why were they invented and where does their fashion story lead? We’ve explored the long and interesting history of the humble suspender to understand how this utilitarian accessory transformed into a fashion icon.

The Beginning

As with so many fashion stories this one begins in France where a trend for rising waist lines made belts unpractical. The 18th century French gentleman attached cloth straps to his trousers with ribbon to prevent any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. This earliest relative of our modern braces was considered a most definite undergarment and would have been hidden beneath a jacket.

The Evolution

Early 19th century fashion saw a return to high-waisted trousers that favoured braces, and in the 1820’s intrepid British designer, Albert Thurston began to manufacture a more recognisably modern style. Pioneering ‘H-back’ designs evolved into ‘Y-Back’ and ‘X-Back’ braces and business boomed. As the century progressed, Victorian gentlemen recognised a good pair of braces as an essential part of their wardrobe, although they were still considered too vulgar for public display and always remained carefully covered with a well-cut suit. As we moved into the twentieth century braces took a backseat to the uniforms that became worn widely throughout World War I. Belts became the more masculine and utilitarian choice of the day. It seemed that braces may have had their moment and although still around, their popularity had waned.

A Modern Interpretation

The 1940’s marked a return to fashion favour for braces. Suit styles were wide legged and high waisted, a perfect partnership for the sharp ‘Y-Back’ button down braces of the day. Now, braces began to become fashion statement rather than practical underwear. Film Noir stars like Humphrey Bogart popularised this style of brace wearing which remains an iconic look. As the twentieth century progressed, braces remained a symbol of smart and elegant dressing although their everyday use dropped dramatically. In an interesting twist to their story they became adopted by counter culture groups like punks and skin heads in the 1970’s. Braces became a playful reference to a more formal past and a subversion of establishment rules. Women have embraced braces throughout history, as masculine and androgynous trends came in and out of fashion. However, the latter part of the twentieth century has seen designers embrace braces and create imaginative, high fashion designs that celebrate this traditionally masculine look.

Braces Today

As our love affair with all things vintage continues, braces remain a popular and stylish choice. The evolution of men’s fashion and booming interest in men’s formal wear means that braces are once again a symbol of sartorial elegance. Right now, the brace infiltrates casual and women’s wear with surprising regularity. A way to add interest and creativity to any outfit, it seems braces are here to stay.

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A word from the fashion industry [Guest Post]

This week, we welcome words from fashion industry insider Natalie Morris who has kindly offered to talk us through the history and her perspective on trouser braces.

As we all recognise most things in fashion tend to come back around in trend, either modernised or with a contemporary twist. Men’s braces have made a comeback as more of an aesthetic fashion accessory rather than offering a practical use. 

The set of braces originally performed the role of what a belt does these days. In the nineteenth and early twentieth century the old school accessory was actually considered improper to be visible at all, in fact they were considered as underwear.

Standards have moved on and now braces are a main accessory for men worn in a variety of ways in many different designs and colours.

Today’s society is about standing out and creating individuality and braces can do just that by enhancing a garment whether that be through matching or by contrasting completely transforming a look and completing an outfit.

The practical benefits of trouser braces

When we think of men’s braces we typically think of black tie formal wear and the original black braces are a requisite part of black tie outfits.

Although the belt is the most recent invention to hold up a pair of trousers, to this day braces remain the preferred method by many fine dressers.

Braces play a part in attention to detail by helping the front button and fly zip of the trousers align with the shirt buttons to compliment business attire.

Braces provide a waist shaped hanger that the trousers rest on allowing the fabric around the hips and knees to drape in a smooth plane eliminating bunching of fabric.

As a belt on the other hand tends to cause cinching of the waistband creating creases encouraging the trouser fabric to balloon out from under the belt.

Braces as a casual look

For a more casual element the classic thin black braces can be worn with any colourful shirt breaking up a block colour or enhancing colour by wearing striped braces with a white shirt and go all out with a blue suit.

For a more bold statement look combine red patterned braces styled with a blue checkered shirt, black/dark blue waistcoat, jeans and a hat & bow tie incorporating a touch of red for a barber shop style.

The accessory can be styled with a bow tie and jeans for a contemporary twist on vintage. Style brown leather braces with a button hole feature with grey trousers for a military look. Or for a more effective but simple style layer up with a t-shirt and shirt underneath the braces, the possibilities to this look are limitless.

If you prefer a more subtle but stylish approach then wear braces which blend in with the colour of your shirt but contrast in texture. For example; a cotton check shirt matched with leather thin braces and a flat cap for the ultimate city look. Break the boundaries by wearing your braces down, you can be versatile with an accessory complimenting your individual style.

KTZ shown this by incorporating braces in his menswear fall 2015 collection. The models wore the braces hanging down accessorized with other components, the collection was inspired by thuggish skinhead droogs in Stanley Kubrick’s film, Pejoski.

The beauty of braces is that they are an androgynous accessory with adaptable styles to suit anybody and to transform any outfit.

About Natalie Morris

I have been studying all aspects of fashion for eight years and it’s something I’m so passionate about and driven for. Over the years I have gathered a variety of retail, fashion show and photoshoot experience from a stylist perspective. I’m currently working as backstage coordinator at Liverpool and Manchester Fashion week working alongside local designers, photographers and models. From the fashion week events this led me to my own monthly article in Lifestyle magazine as a fabric & trend stylist.  My name is Natalie Morris and my final advice to you and the only rule to wearing braces is under no circumstances do you ever wear braces with a belt.

Please find the award winning Lifestyle magazine available to read online by clicking on the link below.

The Advantages to Wearing Trouser Braces

Most people may think that trouser braces or suspenders are worn only by the older gentlemen – someone who has worn braces since their height of use back in the 1950’s, however braces are making a great comeback and have been reborn for the younger market too.

There are a number of advantages to wearing trouser braces, so let’s go through them and help you understand why the trouser brace is great choice when it comes to looking and feeling your best.

Braces give you the smart look

First and foremost, braces arguably look much smarter than a standard belt. The trouser brace doesn’t only offer practicality, but is a huge compliment to the smart attire as well as a casual, everyday look too. With so many different styles, colours and designs of braces on the market today, the brace is a smart addition to your casual wear, office wear or the dress wear for a higher caliber event such as weddings.

Besides looking smart, there is one core reason why most of our customers choose to wear braces over wearing a belt and that is comfort.

Look at our range of smart trouser braces by clicking here

The comfortable way to wear your trousers

For those who haven’t worn suspenders or braces before, it will be difficult to understand how braces can be comfortable, but the reason is simple. Braces take away pressure and tightness from around the waist. Especially for those who are a little larger around the waist, belts can become uncomfortable very quickly and belt buckles dig into the skin and be painful.

The trouser brace lifts that weight up to the shoulders and allows the waist to be freed of pressure – especially when sitting down. Even for those who don’t like their braces to be on show, an undergarment brace offers exactly the same support whilst being discreet under your shirt but offering a soft inside lining for comfort on the skin.

Lastly but no means the final advantage, our customers love the fact that when they get to airport security, they are no longer removing the belts to be able to make their way through the metal detectors. In such a pressured environment, removing clothing is the last thing we want to be doing, which is why we offer the airport brace that contains no metal parts so we can get a move on to duty free! Take a look at our airport braces here

There are tons more reasons why braces are a great choice and we plan to add to our list in the near future but for now, if you haven’t tried a trouser brace – go on, give it a go, you might just like it!

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Choosing the right Trouser Braces

Trouser braces are a great idea if you’re up for looking your best, be it a wedding, a night out or even for day to day use. Don’t forget however, braces can be worn for novelty purposes as well as for work wear so this really is a clothing accessory for every occasion.

However, just throwing on a pair of braces isn’t as easy as it sounds. With so much choice out there now and with so many opportunities to wear them, finding the right brace for you is harder than it seems. To list but a few types that we sell here, X StyleY StyleNovelty, Slim Line, Work Wear… the list goes on.

We often get customers asking for our recommendation for various situations, so we thought we would put an article together to help guide you in the right direction. So we’re going to take a look at a number of common occasions you could wear braces and make our recommendations accordingly.

Everyday Use

So let’s start with where most of our customer are – everyday wearers of braces. Often a tradition or something we have always done, our braces form part of our everyday wardrobe. So here’s the key… choice. Wearing braces every day means having a large enough selection of braces is a must, given we wear our braces with almost all of our clothes. Now we always recommend having a selection of neutral coloured braces as these will often be your ‘go-to pairs’ as they will suit and match generally all of the shirts and trousers we wear with them. We’re talking about the greysbeiges and black braces. You’re most likely familiar with the different styles being an everyday wearer so talking about X Style, Y Style, Leather Ends aren’t appropriate here – let’s face it, you know what you like. However, we chat about the different styles further down the piece so keep your eye out if you’re in need of advice!


Probably the smartest look you’ll have is one you take with you to a wedding. So donning a smart pair of braces is a must for a lot of us. As well as that, for most of us, a wedding can be the first time we opt to wearing a pair of braces. That may be through choice or as part of a wedding party where the attire has been laid out for you. The modern day style of braces for weddings is more often than not, a slim line brace in the colour of the wedding theme. Slim line braces can look great as part of an overall style, giving an edge and difference to a standard smart dress. Slim braces offer discreteness too with their narrow width.

Work Wear

Heavy duty braces are both the perfect and the obvious choice for braces you wish to use at work – and by work we often mean labouring. The heavy duty brace is the right choice for this environment, with a thicker 50mm width. So now we have put that to bed, you have a choice of style and these should definitely reflect your personality. If you’re a “keep yourself to yourself” type of person, the plain colour are perfect for you. However, if you’re quite the opposite, you can indulge in a choice of patterned and pictures braces, from flags to animal and pretty much everything in between!


Secure is the word here! Tight gripping braces that will hold on whilst you’re holding on. Our range of motorcycle braces all consist of bigger clips with more surface area to grip onto your trousers. Style is the second word here. Depending on your style, we have everything from skull and crossbones to a proud british flag pattern!

Undergarment Braces

For those who aren’t a fan of shouting about their braces, our undergarment braces are the right choice for you. Undergarment braces offer a soft lining on the inside so they can be worn comfortably for the day against your skin. They are worn underneath your shirt for subtlety and comfort and are great for those who love the support from their braces but don’t want them to be worn as part of an overall attire.

Airport Braces

One of our biggest sellers is the airport brace and for good reason too! One of the drawbacks from wearing braces is the occasions where we have to walk through metal detection zones such as they have at airports. Any average brace wearer will know that removing braces at those pressured moments is not the best of ideas. This is where our airport braces are great. With no metal fixings at all, our airport braces mean you don’t have to remove your braces when going through the airport security, and other metal detection zones for that matter – meaning you can keep your momentum on to duty free!