Author: Brandon Firmstone

4 Reasons Why Braces Are Better Than Belts

4 Reasons Why Braces Are Better Than Belts

Most people grow up learning how to wear belts. They’re super common as a way to hold your pants up; most people are taught how to wear them as a child.

What if I told you there’s a better way? A better way to hold your pants up and a better stylish accessory than belts? This blog will go through why I think braces are far superior to belts.

Let’s dive right in with the biggest reason braces are better than belts. Your gut. Bulky belt buckles are a nightmare for so many people. Trying to sit down comfortably can be quite a task when a chunk of metal decides to jab into your abdomen. It’s uncomfortable and can cause pain. Belt buckles can cause red painful marks on your lower stomach region.

Similar to the above, belts hold your trousers up by literally constricting around you. A belt that’s too tight squeezes your digestive system, causing issues with digestion. If you can imagine, over time that could become severe.

I’m going to admit, any belts that I’ve owned have always had extra holes poked through. Not great for the belt, but sometimes it has to be done. Belts simply aren’t as adjustable and a good fit as braces. Braces are easy to find the right size in and are still very easily adjustable if need be. This means no poking holes, or stretching out of the belt.


I think that braces are a better accessory than belts. A belt is usually just a black or brown strap around your waist with some form of metal buckle. Braces are so much more versatile than this, you can get braces in all sorts of patterns and colours to suit any outfit. Braces can be worn casually or formally and can be a brilliant way to break up an outfit. Wearing solid block colours such as a plain white shirt and a colourful brace can be an excellent mix.


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