Braces are the ideal addition to formal wear at any time of the year. Halloween, however, presents unique opportunities to style braces as a part of a costume. There are many ways to incorporate braces into a costume and the only real limit on their potential is your imagination. We’ve rounded up a list of our 4 top ways to style Halloween braces to help you get started.


Our first way to style Halloween braces is by theme. Some examples of this would be where a costume based on skeletons is paired with some of our skull braces, or a costume based on a devil or demon character is paired with our flame braces, either in blue or red depending on the colour scheme of the rest of the costume. 

Skull Horror Scary Braces
Flame Fire Braces

The patterns in our collection of Halloween braces and the themes they communicate would make a good starting point for costume inspiration for anyone struggling to come up with a costume idea for this year’s celebrations.


Colour co-ordination is not necessarily a new idea when it comes to styling braces. In the context of Halloween, matching the colour of your braces to a key colour of your costume is the perfect way to step up your costume game with subtle accessorisation. The standard Halloween colours consist of orange, red, purple and green, but don’t restrict yourself to only these colours if there are other colours in your costume that you want to focus on for this method of Halloween brace styling.

Bright Orange Classic Traditional Trouser Braces
Skinny Green Neon Trouser Braces


Need to add a spookier flair to a costume that’s frankly underwhelming or just not fashionable enough for your taste? Why not pair it with a set of our Halloween trouser braces? It’ll instantly elevate your costume and show people that you’re getting into the spirit of the holiday.

Black Purple Check Ska Mod Fashion Y-Style Trouser Braces Suspenders
Barbed Wire Black Trouser Braces Mens Suspenders


Incorporate braces into your costume – particularly if you’re planning on dressing up as a famous character for Halloween. Some characters that either do wear or could easily wear braces as part of their iconic outfits include Beetlejuice, Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Norman Bates from Psycho, Patrick Bateman from American Psycho and Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange.

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